The best way to understand graphic design is to learn and understand the various elements that it comprises of. Let us look at some of these important elements.

  • The line:

It may be impossible to find a design without the presence of any lines in it. These lines are used so that it is easy to distinguish between the different sections of the design. They also work well to guide the vision of the viewer in a certain direction.

The impact that the line would have would depend on its attributes such as thickness, style, color, etc. The styles of the lines keep evolving. When choosing the right type of line for the design, keep in mind the current style that is in fashion at that time.

  • The shape:

The shape is considered the next most important element after the line. Most of the designs would consist of at least one of the shapes such as circles, rectangles, square, triangle, etc. While some shapes are considered classic, there are designers who experiment and may come up with a new version of a shape.

Shapes are also important to influence the perception of a viewer. While some shapes such as a square look structured and solid, a circle shape denotes fluidity and movement. Thus, it is essential to choose a shape which serves the purpose well.

  • The texture:

Earlier the use of textures was not popular. Backgrounds usually were plain and consisted of a single color. But today their popularity has seen an increase due to a wide number of options available.

Textures can be used to drastically change the look of the design. The extent to which a texture may be used would depend on the specific design requirements. Some popular choices of textures are fabric, concrete, paper, stone, etc.

Some textures can be subtle while others may be more pronounced. Whichever one you choose, the impact it can have visually would be unmatched.

  • The color:

Among the various elements, the color could easily be known as the most important one. It has the greatest impact visually and hence a good understanding of colors is essential for any graphic designer.

Different colors have a different effect as they evoke different emotions. In addition to the choice of color, factors like saturation, hue, tint, etc also play an important role in the creation of the content.